I thought it was a normal morning when I woke up. I was lying in a bed by a window. The birds were chirping on the trees, the sun was shining and my day was going to start peacefully when I noticed that I wasn’t in my bed but in a hospital one. What was I doing in a hospital?
I’ve tried to remember what happened last night, but my memory was vague.
I remember that I was at a party, celebrating a birthday…. whose birthday? There were many people, mostly young ones, I was holding a cake with lots of candles on top and was bringing it to someone…..The moon was shining bright and I was walking with someone on a small wooden path away from the party as if we were looking for a private space to be. The person was laughing with me, or was it at me?
There was a scream….. Did I scream? And then there was a fight. I remember grabbing my hair with both hands. The person next to me was….. what? I couldn’t remember what happened, and it was frustrating.
I had to call a nurse and ask her. I pressed the button next to me and a few seconds later she appeared.

– Good morning Miss Spencer, how are you feeling today?
– I’m ok I guess. It’s just… what happened?
– Oh! nothing much, for now you need to eat something and rest a bit more.
– No! I need to know, why am I at a hospital?
– …..You fell, she answered hesitantly
– I fell? from where?
– Look, everything is fine. We’ll talk about it in a few minutes.

She didn’t leave me the chance to ask more questions, she left closing the door behind her.
I remained alone for a while, my clothes were hanging in the wardrobe, I had a few pills by my bed with a glass of water and I was wearing a hospital shirt.
Was I free to leave the hospital? Did I witness a crime?
The door opened suddenly and the nurse came in with a tray. I wasn’t hungry, I didn’t want breakfast.

– Ma’am I’m not hungry, I prefer to go now.
– Soon but for now, you must eat. I’ll call the doctor.
I didn’t have much choice, did I? After a few minutes the doctor came in with two other people who didn’t look very medical. A white and a black guy in suit. Something was going in on.
– Hi Miss Spencer, I’m Dr Marvey I will need to do a quick check up and then you’ll be free to go. But first the Police would like a word with you. I’ll be just outside.
With that he left me.with the two guys.
– Hi Ma’am, I’m Officer Roy and this is Officer Chuck, we’re from the criminal department, we’d like to ask you a few questions about what happened last night.
– Why what happened?
– We’d like you to tell us.
– I don’t know. Everything is blurry
– What can you remember?
– Unfortunately not much. I know that I was at a party and then there was a fight and some screams!
– That’s it?
– Yeah, I’m sorry.
– We suspect a kidnapping and we need as much information as you can give us.
– A kidnapping ? Who was kidnapped ?
– A man called Johnny Riff. We’ve heard that you were the last person to have seen him.

I looked at the picture I was given. So that was the person I was with last night? His face was familiar but all was too vague.

– Johnny? I don’t remember much. We were walking away from the party and then it seems that there was a fight, and I remember that I was holding my hair as if someone was holding me by it…. nothing else.
– Miss Spencer, do you remember anything strange?

Strange? why would there be anything strange? I didn’t ….. A pair of big dark eyes. A grey skin cold as ice. Johny screaming while being taken…..I looked at the Officers

– Ma’am? you’re white as a sheet!
– I think there were people wearing masks, Alien masks, Johnny was screaming but they’ve taken him.
– Ma’am can you describe them?
– No, no, it was dark, I saw two big black eyes, then there was this arm who was pulling me by my hair, it was cold and grey. I think…..he was taking me somewhere.
– Ma’am, we found you hidden between some bush a mile from the party, please try to remember.

I was hiding, behind bushes obviously from the kidnappers. How did I manage to get there? Was I alone? A cold hand gripping my hair. I tried to get my hair loose. Another hand as ice gripping my arm and pulling me through the forest. Trying to get free from my aggressor, I picked a stone blindly and hit hard on the hand who let me loose instantly. I was running tripping over twigs and dead trees. I couldn’t run anymore, I had to hide. I saw bushes, lots of them….. I threw myself to the floor among them and kept waiting. I saw something running toward me, it had a strange shape. A big head, 2 big black eyes, it walked like a man but…. it wasn’t one, It was awful . Difficult to describe.

– They weren’t people. I know it sounds weird but they weren’t. When I hid behind the bushes, one of them came close, searching for me, he made this strange loud yelling noise! Probably a call or something. A few seconds later, a bright light appeared just over him and he…. disappeared instantly.

The two officers looked at me as if I was insane and making up the story.

– Miss Spencer, were you awake when that happened.
– Yes sir, I was. And I’m telling the truth! I don’t know what happened to Johnny but I know that they weren’t humans! I saw this being disappear into thin air as soon as the light appeared. I couldn’t see what was up there , but I’m sure they were Aliens.
– Maybe it was the fear or ….
– No sir! I didn’t imagine.
– Alright. Thank you. If we need further information, we’ll be in touch.

I thought that I was finally free to go, but I didn’t know that this was just the beginning.

Author: Novus Lectio

You'll never know what you'll read next. Random lecture is what is all about but one thing is for sure, it's by the same author who wrote The Theory of Fate and Who Went Out of Africa

28 thoughts on “Witness”

  1. I enjoyed reading this. It took me a while (I had the tab open since yesterday), but I finally managed to get to it. Well done. It’s nice to see you experiment with different things on this blog.

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  2. Ooh, yey. I found it!!! 😁 So sorry I missed it. This is very absorbing writing. What happened next!!! Very good my dear Novus! You should write more stories!


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