Inspiring #106

What if there were horses instead of cars
What if there were candles instead of light bulbs
What if there needles instead of sewing machines
What if there were wood sticks instead of guns
What if there were mails intstead of emails
What if there were huts instead of houses
What if there were dungeons instead of prisons
What if there were torture instead of trails
What if there were slaves instead of free men
What if there were ambushes instead of safety
What if there were tyranny instead of democracy
We would be living in a dark age
Why are we complaining much about our lives?

Author: Novus Lectio

You'll never know what you'll read next. Random lecture is what is all about but one thing is for sure, it's by the same author who wrote The Theory of Fate and Who Went Out of Africa

22 thoughts on “Inspiring #106”

  1. Because nothing will ever satisfy us!!
    Necessity is the mother of invention.
    Retrospectively invention is the father of necessity. Till this father and mother are fertile, we will not be satisfied!!

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  2. What if there was tuberculosis and no vaccine?
    What if insulin had never been discovered for diabetics?
    What if people died of broken legs because no x rays or modern drugs?

    People have always been dissatisfied. If they had a horse and cart, why not a fine carriage? If candles, why not an oil lamp?
    The trick is to learn the balance of having aims and desires and striving for them but acknowledging and taking joy in all you have already ๐Ÿ˜Š

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  3. In all those cases, there can be both. Humans are humans, no matter the technology. Some are good, some are bad, some suffer, some cause suffering, and some in the middle try to stop the suffering from taking place.

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