18 thoughts on “Around a Cup of Tea”

  1. The nights have passed,
    There are storms no more,
    Its crimson all over the sky.
    Somewhere mulberry with hues of naranja and amarillo.
    I can feel the joy.
    Joy of being surrounded with love once again.
    Joy of rain pating the pane in a rhythmic pattern.
    Its so very nice.
    I’m happy.


  2. Once upon a night so clear,
    Here I sit upon my rear.
    I cannot sleep,
    though ’tis no peep.
    If I drift away and dream,
    I will wake to coffee and cream.
    When I look through the window pane,
    I see snowflakes, it’s insane!
    April should bring showers and light,
    Not snow coming down with all it’s might!

    ยฉBeing Aunt Debbie

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