Poetry #72

I know that you don’t trust me
I know that you believe that I’m indifferent
You treat me wrongly
Your words hurt me
Yet you know nothing about me
You’re too blind by your judgment
because you can’t understand me
Because we’re different
I can’t let you see what’s behind my walls
I can’t share my heart with you
’cause what you’ll know about me
Will become my weakness
You’ll make a fool of me
You’ll make me weak
You’ll hurt me even more
I won’t let you pass my barrier
’cause I’m strong as I am

Poetry #71

Take care of each other
Don’t let yourselves go
Feel free to bother
If that’s what she wants you to
She’s meant to become a mother
Even before you know
The husband and wife gather
And cherish the child as he grows
They are stronger
And never felt low
Adam and Eve were real wonders
As they remember what they saw

The Train

This is real and sad, who will give head to he thought as the train moves on?

The Write Direction

The train leaves the station
Push, shove, struggle to hold on
The precarious rails
The winding trails
All seemed so safe
Yet somehow unsound

In another light of another dawn
A child is born
His cry pierced the still air
Commencing his innocent life’s game
Still to be seen
Whether he plays it fair

The train hurtles towards its terminal
It is a stop we know all too well
Familiarised through scriptures and prayers
The concept of heaven and hell

Boarded at the same time and place day after day
A safe harbor, a comforting platform secluded in arbor
It grunts and groans
Sending up collective moans
Waging a battle with friction
While we fester in a prized seat’s predilection
Blithely ignoring to tame our ignorance’s malediction

The journey, the passage, the travel
All too short, somehow still too long
We gaze out the window and let jumbled thoughts unravel

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