What am I?

Am I a creature?
Of course I am!
No way I can be an object or a thought
A thought? what if I was a thought?
What is it? Why would i be something that doesn’t exist?
For no reason, just a non-existent entity
For sure I’m wrong. A creature and a non-existing thing
can’t co-op, unless….. unless…
Unless I was a non-existing creature
Yeah….. I love it….
I don’t want to be non-existant
If I can think, than I exist!
Or I think ’cause I’m non-existant!
Would you just SHUT UP?
hmmmm….. that would be difficult.
Ok…. let me think…..
What about?
Come on! I need some time for myself here
oh really? A non-existing being who wants to think!
Oh shut it! I am a creature ok? I have the right to think and I ask you to leave!
What? why are you laughing?
Stop laughing Now!
Hahahaha! You want me to leave? you’re mad!
No I’m not and and I want you to get out at once.
You’re mad I tell you. I can’t leave
Stop saying I’m mad, I’m not and just get the hell out of here!
You know as much as I do, that I can’t leave you…. not anymore
Oh yeah? and who says so?
Come on! don’t ask me that…. you know who.
F*** you!! No one says so, NOW F*** OFF
HEY! don’t speak to me like that. I’m warning you!
Really? And what will you F****** do?
Let me show you….
STOP HURTING ME….AARGH… I can’t move my arms!
I told you so! If you repeat that word again….
No…. please…. I got it. What did you do to me? Why can’t I move my arms?
Told you. You’re mad….
Stop saying that, you broke my arms, you’re the mad one.
No I didn’t break your arms you idiot! They’re secured by that silly white shirt you’re wearing.
Why? why would my shirt stop me from moving my arms?
Are you deaf? You’re mad, you’re a freak, you’re a danger to the community, get it?
No, I don’t f*…. I mean I DON’T get it. Be clear!
You’re a freak AND a dummy! Why do you think you’re behind these walls? why do you think there are barrs at the window? Why there are no sharp things around? Why am I stuck here with you? Why are you alone? Do you get it now?
What ? wait… wait a minute. I’m not alone, youre here, we’re alone.
No dude. you’re alone. Take a look over there. What do you see?
Hmmmm….. myself?
Correct. Am I in the mirror ?
Hmmmm….. Noooo…..
Are you invisible ?
No idiot! I’m you. You are me.
Yeah!….. I like that….. so we’re two.
Nooo you freak! that’s why you’re crazy!

Author: Novus Lectio

You'll never know what you'll read next. Random lecture is what is all about but one thing is for sure, it's by the same author who wrote The Theory of Fate and Who Went Out of Africa

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