2 Versatile Awards for the price of 1

Hey guess what? Two other Versatile Awards! I’ll be joining the two in one post.


Give 8 interesting facts about yourself.
Nominate 15 versatile bloggers.

First of all I would love to thank Floatinggold for telling me that all these awards were filled with broken links by me 😱😭 . I didn’t know that we had to add “http://” before the link not http://www.😠 I’m sorry guys.

So… I would like to thank Caterpillar
for nominating me, she’s a new blogger who writes lovely poetry.
And I would love to thank Shreya Skurity for nominating me, she’s an awesome writer.

First 8 things:
I love to sleep but not more than 10 hours.(unfortunately I sleep 8h Monday to Sunday )
My blogging world is very dear to me
I like writing poetry but it’s hard
I’m a foody
I’m a muslim
I’m an anxious person
I’m happy most of the time
my first book was The little Prince

Second 8 things:
I wish I could have a life as I wanted it to be
I’m going to publish a poem book in a few days
I love to see snow even though I prefer spring
I love helping people.
I’m curious and nosey
I have 2 books on Gooble Book store
I’m more appreciated on WP than in the real life
I prefer to remain anonymous

Lost Soul .
Ushnish the crown
shreya jindal

Author: Novus Lectio

You'll never know what you'll read next. Random lecture is what is all about but one thing is for sure, it's by the same author who wrote The Theory of Fate and Who Went Out of Africa

64 thoughts on “2 Versatile Awards for the price of 1”

  1. Oh! quite interesting facts. A poem book, U r happy most of the time, appreciated. Truely an interesting life. And foodie, Amm! where’s the food. Where? Hahaa. Congratulations and thank you for the nomination.

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