Featured: Ward Clever/ Title: Bitter Cold

Among the crowds, slipping
Ringing, screaming, yelling
No telling how long the shredding nerves
Will last
Hope everybody gets what they deserve
Too fast
Hope everybody goes off alert
Tries to make it better
Tries not to hurt
Tears the license for conceal and carry happiness
Waves it out in the open
Tries not to miss you
Too much
You’re only on the phone
Wish I could touch you
But I’m lost in this crowd
Both the people and the colors are very loud
Wanna stop but that’s just not allowed
Got to finish this or there’s no point in going out
In the cold
Except the open doors
Rocking my car which that one ignores
Backs out like nothing happened just now
And I just want to get home to you
I know it’s happening
Sometimes the little things make me sing
Sometimes the big things slip right past
No telling how long this spiritual thing
Will last


What about #61

I’ve heard a lot about a movie called Padington. I wasn’t very interested to see a talking bear with a hat , but the curiosity is often more powerful than the will.
So I’ve made.my mind and seen Padington 1&2. All I can say is that it’s a brilliant and funny movie. If you haven’t seen it yet, please do if you’re. a light spirited person. You don’t have to be a child to enjoy this funny movie.
It speaks about a cub bear from a jumgle of Peru, who after the loss of his uncle in an earthquake, his aunt sends him to London where it is supposed to be a welcoming place for him. He will be loking for a home while lots of adventures awaits him.
I believe that this movie has a message to tell with this cute little Padington bear. It is a way to express a message of kindness and understanding toward the immigrants who make a long journey to our countries with the hope to start a new life. They need to understand the way we live, we work, we talk… and we need to trust them ’cause sometimes the evil deeds comes from us toward them.
I would really like you to spend some of your time watching this little cub who has lots of things to tell us.

Poetry #44

As i walked into a forest
where woods tagngled with each other
the sent of green filled my lungs
the faint noise of crackling wood
Stole my soul burying it deep
Somewhere I knew not
I lost myself in this world
Where souls meet and touch
far in a realm of an ancient time
I cannot reach it with my body
I cannot see it with my eyes
But i can feel it in my heart
That my soul is happy and at peace
Away from me, away from life
These woods hold secrets
never revealed to any human
But i need my soul
To be whole
Where should I search
For this deep entrance
To reach the realm of the unknown
hard it is for the light
To cross the shadows
Of these heavy branches
I can’t see much but i hear
A whisper calling me
Leaves cracking under my feet
Led me to an abyss
What is this world
Should I let myself fall
For the sake of a soul
Where am i going
In the deepth of a forest
Into the abyss

A sunshine blogger Award

I’m grateful to sarishboo for nominating me for this award. please check her blog.
She is a compassionate person who spread thoughtful and positive thoughts.

The rules:

Thank the blogger who nominated you and post a link back to their blog
Answer the 11 questions the blogger asked
Nominated 11 new bloggers to receive the award and write them 11 new questions
List the rules and display the sunshine blogger award logo in your post.

My Answers:

1. the one thing I love about myself…. hmmm…. good question. I would say that I’m curious
2.what goals do i have for myself now , find the solution for a research I’ve been doing for 3 years.
3.what inspired me to start blogging , the books I’ve written
4.which adventures would i love to have before i die, I would love to make a journey in Ireland, Sweden , New Zeland, Antartica, North Pole on foot
5.what other career would i choose other that i have now, Actually i don’t work, but if i could i would have loved to be an astronaut.
6. if I could change one of my characteristics , i would be able see without glasses.
7. if i was the richest person on earth, i would have found a way to stop the African immigration to the western world. I would have found a way to stop the hunger and poverty Africa and in South America, I would have tried to find cures and help those who need help.
8. if I could be someone else for 24 hours? oh yeah! Donald Trump. No other one. why? because I would have tried my best to make changes that I wouldn’t be able to change after the 24h. Firing some people, hiring others, admit facts that would cause me trouble and empitchment after the times up. Ohhh even better! I would resign.
9. how humans could have more fun? that’s an odd question, every human being has its way of having fun, i can’t propose anything for every human being to agree upon.
10. the five things that make me happy, Drawing, seeing the sunsets/sundown, gazing at the night’s sky, being alone in a forest, finding solutions.
11. if I was reborn in a new life would it be in the past or future, definitely the past. of course i would like to see the future how it would be, but….. i prefer the past , i miss the 18th – 6th century. i know that life was sometimes barbaric but there is and evil in every epoch so….

The nominees:

soiba (salvation3blog.wordpress.com)
Cmapillay destinationinfinite.wordpress.com
Fiery Song silentlysmoulderingwords.wordpress.com
Ushnish the crown nopurposeclub.wordpress.com
shreya jindal liveoutcrazy.wordpress.com
Uglyinsides uglyinsides.wordpress.com
Lost Soul priyasingh91.wordpress.com

The Questions:

The five things that make you happy?
Which adventures would you love to have before you die?
If you could be someone else for 24 hours?
The one thing you love about yourself?
What goals do you have for yourself now?
If you were the richest person on earth what would you do?
If you were reborn in a new life would it be in the past or future?
Would you like re live your life again?
If there were no cars available would you ride on a camel?
Some say that in a near future there won’t be enough food for everyone, insects would be the solution. Would you accept to live out of insects?
How often do you follow new bloggers ?

The winner of Around a Cup of Tea

The Winner

Shreya Jindal

Description 5 Storyline 5 Creativity 5 Information 5



Description 5 Storyline 5 Creativity 1 Information 3



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Description 5 Storyline 5 Creativity 5 Information 4



Description 5 Storyline 5 Creativity 3 Information 2


Around a cup of Tea

You take a train for a long journey, unfortunately on the voyage one of the passengers is killed in his own cabin. Among all the passengers you suspect three.
A priest who has been seen shortly after the victim’s death
A teenager who happens to stay next to the victim’s cabin
And the bar tender who was the last person talking to the victim

How would you identify the killer?
(No magic allowed)