Poem #19

Snow flakes slowly falling 

A child somewhere is happily playing 

A mother looking at her cake still baking

A Father at his desk lost in writting

Hubert the Dog busy still chewing

A cold night who keeps on going

The moon light clearly shining

Far away, Santa Is preparing 

Something beautiful and enchanting

At midnight a trolley stops its riding 

Over a house and begins throwing

Gifts into the chimney, laughing 

Ho Ho Ho, he could be saying

Box of surprises are left waiting

To be opened in the early morning 

By eager good little beings

Poem #18

Light from above

Shining upon us

pleasure beyond joy

A sense of peace 

and brotherhood

were our differences 

Join and spread

Smiles of hope

And tender love

To those who care 

about eachother
A light from above

Sweet as honey

soft as silk

Touching our hearts 

Melting with ecstasy 

Through deep warmth 

and pure serenity

We’re uniting our souls

To the One above

who masters all

By His grace  

Where all began