Poetry #15

I can feel that my heat is torn 

between eagerness and being forlorn

I need to give my thoughts away

bursting free from my hideaway

let my dreams and fears 

invade you by my tears.

To live by love and hope 

is the most powerful dope

can you hear my soul whispering?

can you feel my heart answering?

No word can satisfy my hunger

for expression 

and calm down my anger

for transgression 

keeping me behind 

of whatever I shall find

Poetry #13

Without knowing You took my heart

painfully for days I thought of you

before I understood that we would be apart

And that you would never be mine

But at the end all would be fine

I longed for you’re presence 

but you kept being a shadow away from me

ina place where your existence 

for real ceases to be

I loved you

but you didn’t know

as you never been

and never saw

Inspiring #13

Take the time to find yourself

where words become feelings and beliefs

listen to your soul telling you the truth

how to live with your deepest secrets

knowing that they’re never hidden

from the Eternal being who knows your true identity

Live with your conscious 

far from regrets and doubts

give your conscious the freedom 

to fly within the realm of certainty 

and happiness where your true self is waiting