A weird story

I will change a bit the usual topics and I’ll narate you what happened to me (us) today.
Today was the Laundry day. We found a self service laundry (a small one), and fortunately a parking space just in front of it. Like everyone esle, I stuffed everything in the machines, put the soap, paid (at the automatic central machine) and went to the car to wait. 

Getting in the car, I looked back at the laundry (I wonder why) and I saw something very unusual. A man passed by the Laundry door/window looking inside with his hands on his pockets. He didn’t look poor or homeless or anything out of the ordinary. But I had a  strange feeling that something wasn’t right with that man. I kept looking at him, He entered, looked around the machines and went toward the automatic central machine. I said to myself that I had to return there and see if he wasn’t going to do something funny to MY washing machines. I found him with his fingers in the return coins slot (of course it was empty as I took the change before) he looked at me and did nothing, his hands on his pockets. I took a look at one of the machines and went out. (I couldn’t remain with him inside). Arriving at the car I saw him searching for the cctv (there were 2) then he stood by the door, as if he was waiting for something. Actually he was. There was a girl outside who was waiting for someone, she was very close to the window, she could see him do whatever he wanted to do. Then my dad thought of showing himself, he stood out of the car looking at him. The man, went out of the laundry straight away, walked for about 60meters  and hid himself around a corner. After a few minutes, we saw him at the corner still looking toward the laundry. So my dad went out of the car and began filming him. The guy looked ill at ease, so he faked his indifference and walked by us and made his way into a cafe. We haven’t seen him since. He probably went out by another door.

I believe that he wanted to steal the automatic cashier. It was really weird.

Poem #17

Pouring rain 

wash down my sorrows

falling deep into the shadows

drops of water

calm my sadness 

and melt my weariness

lost between sky and earth

where my mind tears apart

taking all the mirth

dark clouds of dust

violently pull memories 

which should be forgotten 

leaving no glories 

to dwell alone rotten

without will

without hope

take my wish

away from this torment

so that you may restore 

those cheerful moments 

to their original dwelling 

as they were before


Poetry #16

Snatcher of souls

Give back what you stole 

There was bliss and joy

Now terror and deception

Rise to destroy 

Bring back the Essence 

With which my body lives

Through million lives

Return my Presence 

And I’ll spear your existence  

beyond death and fate

Or I shall hunt your conscience 

For It will be too late

Cursed to the bone

Forever All alone