The winner of Around a cup of Tea 

The winner is: 

Mel Gutiér

This question is rather subjective isn’t it? I mean what I think may be annoying in some, others might think charming. What kind of response can I give that may merit my being mentioned be means of a link? I want chocolate.
I’m not sure that I’m qualified to designate what is the most annoying habit a person can have. I mean… what does that even mean? It’s ludicrous to think that listening to someone crunch ice irks me. But then I go out and do it myself. Is that like an oxymoron? I can’t for the life of me justify that question with a specific finger-pointing of something I don’t like in someone else.
There that is my answer not so much answered. If that makes any sense.
Novus… not sure what’s going on here between us but you’re driving me crazy!

My answer:

Smoking and drinking; it’s disgusting, it stinks and it’s noxious for the human being.