​Healing plants for cold and flu

Elder is an Anti inflammatory, Styptic, Anti viral, and the flowers are laxative 

Willow is an Anti inflammatory, Styptic, Anti Viral and of course a source of Aspirin

Garlic is a Styptic, Antiseptic, Anti Viral, Anti fungus, circulation stimulant

Marsh Mallow is a Soothing, emolient, nutritive , calms the cough, it’s good for throat and mouth infections

Elcampane is an Antiseptic, Anti spasmodic, Expectorant 

Sage is a Stimulant, Astringent, Antiseptic, is is good for the wind and throat

Thyme’s oil is Antiviral & Anti fungus and good for the muscles, bronchitis dilator, good for cough, throat and wind

Colt’s foot is Anti inflamatory, Demulcent, good for cough and its leaves are full of Vitamine C

Cinnamon is a  warming, Anti spasm, Astringent, Antiseptic for cold, fevers, indigestion & irritable bowels

Eucalyptus it’s essantiel oil is anti bacterial,  good for respiratory problems, warming soothing in massages

Hyssop is for respiratory problems, digestive disordre 

Ginger is a warming, reduce travel nausea, calms the digestion & for wind

Turmeric is an anti inflammatory, antiseptic, for cough, cold, flu, digestion and anti-allergic

The winner of Around a cup of Tea

First of all, thank you guys for being here. I must say that, today was harder than usual. I thank you as well for letting me know about these books. But there was only one possible winner, and I choose her because there was more than the title of the books.

The winner is:


The Outsiders by S.E. Hinton….. I must have read it 14 times! I wasn’t real young but I was around 13-14 years old. Prior to that, probably Lassie Come Home. I was a sucker for kids and animals. Both very sad books.

My answer:
As a child I always read any book twice, because I wanted it to stay for a long time in my head. But there were books which I read more than twice such as The Lord of the Rings or some of the Harry Potter’s, The mysterious island, 80 days around the world among others.