19 thoughts on “Around a cup of Tea ”

  1. There are so many :-p but I easily get irritated when someone doesn’t let you finish your sentence and starts talking. It is like you are only there to listen to them. Everyone has their own style of talking so if someone is a bit slow and takes time in finishing their side of story then the other one should wait a little.

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      1. hehe! In my defense, it bugs me when someone is doing it from quite a time. I mean, it is okay to be talkative but you got to take others opinions or point of views into consideration as well.

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                  1. I can not fix the problem because a) i am new to word-press b) i am not really a computer person. Try it some days later, maybe it gets fixed on its own 😦

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  2. This question is rather subjective isn’t it? I mean what I think may be annoying in some, others might think charming. What kind of response can I give that may merit my being mentioned be means of a link? I want chocolate.
    I’m not sure that I’m qualified to designate what is the most annoying habit a person can have. I mean… what does that even mean? It’s ludicrous to think that listening to someone crunch ice irks me. But then I go out and do it myself. Is that like an oxymoron? I can’t for the life of me justify that question with a specific finger-pointing of something I don’t like in someone else.
    There that is my answer not so much answered. If that makes any sense.
    Novus… not sure what’s going on here between us but you’re driving me crazy!

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