The winner of Around a cup of Tea

The winner:


My first thought was; ‘are those fuel pumps’ , followed by ‘ I really hope that isn’t a petrol leak…’

My answer:

This picture has been taken in Recife, Brazil, a few years back. I don’t think that the flood is due to rain, it must have come from below. All the lower part of town was flooded.

The winner of Around a cup of Tea

The winner is:


Epilepsy and migraine meds. A few 3×5 cards for quick notes. A pen. A spare pair of glasses. Chargers and cords for everything! Mints, and a tiny pair of scissors.

I would like to mention Deb, she answered very sweetly and i loved it. Please read it if you can .

My Answer:

I have a small bag but well furnished: Plasters, a small amount of antibiotic cream, a few tablets (ibroprofene, anti acid, caffeine), a torch, a compass, a rain cap, mp3 player and my small little precious Swiss knife.

Never know when they’ll come in handy.