Recognition Award!

I would like to thank Plantsandbeyond for this award. She has an amazing blog which I ask you to visit, she’ll fill you with the love of gardening.

I haven’t seen any award lately and I began wondering why, so thank you Luda.

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This is how I started my blog: 

I needed a site to promote my two books “The Theory of Fate” and “Who Went Out Of Africa”. So here I am two years later writting very different posts and enjoying this activity which changes a lot my daily routine, I’ve made very dear friends, I’ve shared my opinions… I have a voice

Two pieces of advice:

Don’t leave your blog more than a day, you have to keep it going. 

You must make yourself known by other bloggers by leaving your opinion about their posts , liking their posts after reading them, not like some people do.

I wish to nominate:



Deb/being aunt debbie


Mel Gutier


The shining gem

Listen to your heart



Third Group verbs – Part 2

So the last time I told you that some “ir” verbs were part of the 3rd group because the are conjugated differently; like the 1st group verbs:

Dormir / To sleep

Je dors

Tu dors

Il dort

Elle dort

Nous dormons

Vous dormez

Ils dorment

Elles dorment
Offrir / To offer 


Tue offres

Il offre

Nous offrons

Vous offrez

Ils offrent

Elles offrent
Some verbs:

Ouvrir / To open

Partir / To leave

Recevoir /To receive

Retenir / To retain

Sortir / To leave

Tenir / To hold

Venir / To come

Relaxing plants

These are relaxing plants that you may grow in your backyard or in your house:

Chamomile is a relaxant, sedative, anti inflammatory and a digestive 

Hawthorn is good for the heart, it relaxes the arteries, it helps the heart’s circulation and it’s against palpitations
Eleuthroccocus Senticocus (similar to the syberian ginseng) helps the body deal with stress, tonic for immune system, nerve tonic and against exhaustion
Rosmarin is a nerve tonic, it stimulate the blood’s circulation, antiseptic, light anti depressive and digestive 
Skullcap is a nervine, sedative, anti stress, insomnia and depression 
Valerian is a sedative and relaxant 
Verbana is a relaxant, nervine, anti spasmodic, diuretic, bitter tonic 
Pasque flower  is an anti inflamatory, sedative, for pains BUT don’t use the fresh plant
Californian poppy is a sedative, it treats insomnia, anxiety and tension
Lactuca virosa (kind of lettuce) is a sedative for anxiety and nervine
Lavender is used for migraine and its oil sooths after a sunburn, and it helps the  digestion

You may check out the Healing plants as well.

The winner of Sunday’s gathering

The Winner is: Elizabeth,

Something out of the ordinary 🤔. That should be when I heard my mum is now diabetes free. It didn’t happen to me but her being diabetic affected me in many ways. And her declared diabetes free was completely extraordinary.

My answer:

I have a pouch made of a cow’s skin, it is very dear to me. I use it to hold my plastic rain cap when it’s not in use.  Last year, after using the rain cap, I went to return it to its original place, i.e in the cow’s pouch which is in one of my purse’s pockets. But it wasn’t there. So I turned my purse upside down, I searched in every pocket; nothing. I even searched in the car, under the seats, over the seats, in the back seats pockets; completely empty. I was sure that I have lost it somewhere. 

A few days later, I went to the same pocket looking for something else and guess what? The first object on top was the famous pouch! But where the hell it comes from? Can you explain this? Personally I can’t.

Around a cup of Tea 

This is the first Sunday for Around a cup of Tea, I’ll try it for a few weeks see how it goes, if it doesn’t work as it should, I’ll cancel it.

There will be different topics, what will make this Gathering great are your answers, I’ll post mine last.

Let’s start:
When was the last time that something out of the ordinary happen to you and what was it?