Les prepositions / The prepositions

You might have noticed from the previous posts (if you’ve heard the pronunciation) that some letters are not pronunced such as the “s” or “x” at the end of a word. These kind of letters are silent.

The prepositions in French have different meanings, like in English we say “on the first floor ” not “at the first floor ” as in French we would have said.

I don’t expect you to memorize them because it’s impossible, you’ll learn them in the future with the proper phrases such as the examples in english.

In English you’ll find the meaning, but as there is no rule, this post is just to get familiarized with the words but not their way of using them.

Dans / In the building , on the street, in the book, in a taxi, on the bus, into the kitchen

Sur / on the couch, on the table , over the bridge, a path above the lake

Pour / for 2 years, the lady came to tell me ok

Depuis / since 1980, since I came along

Pendant/ at

Sous / under, below

À / at the train station, at nine o’clock, in London, at school

Devant / in front of, before

Avant / before

Apres / after

Jusqu’à / Monday to friday, The child won’t eat until her mom asks her to

Vers / toward

De / it’s from Jane, by Michel Angelo

Au / at the bar, at the theatre, at work, on the first floor, going to bed

En / in winter, in swimming suit

Parce que / For I was ill, because he left without me

À la / at the next exit, at the door, at the station

Par / by car, by train

Don’t hesitate to ask any questions if needed.

I’ve seen it!!!

Last night, I didn’t have a clue about what I would be writing this morning. But things changed. I’ve read twice in my life a book called The Green Ray by Jules Verne, the main topic was that the first sun ray appearing when the sun is rising on water such as a sea, with a clear sky; is a green ray. So last night I had the chance of sleeping by the sea, and guess what I saw this morning. I woke up and the sun wasn’t up yet, so I waited almost half an hour, then the limit of the sea became ablaze for about 3mn. And then there it was. THE GREEN DOT. Can you imagine? It’s real. If you ever get the chance of looking at a rising sun over water with a clear sky, the very first ray will be a green ray, lasting no more than 2 seconds and then it will whiten, and the big orange ball will appear.

It sooooo beautiful! I can’t describe the feeling I had at that moment. You have to see this!

Book 1 – The ruins of Gorlan

I’ve never written a post about books, I really don’t know what to say. But I’ll try to speak a little about some of those I’ve read, hoping that you’ll be interested enough to read them as well.

John Flanagan is an Australian author for young adults, his books are about young brave people accomplishing things that usually are meant to be accomplished by talented mature Adults. He seems to give motivation to those who lack of confidence or ideas. Through his stories we’re able to notice that we don’t need to be perfect to achieve a mission, we don’t need to have powers or to do magic.

I love his books because he makes me wander in a very old world far before the middle age, where life was different and easier in its own way.

This story start by speaking about a 15 years old boy; Will, who is about to be selected by a school master which has to teach him everything for a number of years. His wish is to enter the battle school but he’s too small for it. He will be selected by a strange man who is part of a secret group of people called Rangers. Things will change for him, he will need all the skills he can muster, for the dark Lord Morgarath is gathering forces and a battle against the Kindom of Araluen is destined to begin. A battle the likes of which Will cannot even imagine.

It’s an adventurous story that brings thriller, comedy and action in one interesting book.

I’m a unique blogger!!

I’m so happy to be nominated for this award! The third on my mantelpiece. I thank my dear friend Superwifeandmummy so much for enjoying my dummy blog. I don’t feel that Novus Lectio deserves it but I’m…WAAOUUU HURRAYYYY!!! Thank you Sis. You should check out her blog, she is amazing and great poet.

So here are the rules closely followed by Superwifeandmummy’s questions.


1. Share the link with, the blogger who has shown love to you by nominating you.

2. Answer the questions.

3. In the spirit of sharing love with our blogging family, nominate 15 people and notify them. (Unfortunately I haven’t got 15 followers with which I wish to share this award)

4. Ask them three questions.


1. What would you describe as a perfect moment?

I’m at peace with myself, no chores to do. I’m able to do whatever pleases me, such as to read a great book with a mug of coffee or tea by my side.

2. What general term do you feel is overrated?

It must be a word: Jalebi. (Actually it’s an orange Indian sweet) What kind of word is that?? That’s not a word, it’s monster called JA wearing something called lebi. It can’t be the name of a sweet. It’s not sweet at all it’s sour.

3. Describe the person you aim to be in five sentences or fewer.

A beautiful, generous, careful and cautious person if I had the chance to be one. But unfortunately I’m none of those, most of all the first and the last.

The questions:

1. What would you describe as a perfect moment?

2. What would you call yourself if you could change your name?

3. If you could travel through time, in which year would you travel & why?

My Nominees :

Himanshi Shukla


Nusrath Sariffo’deen


Anne Oblivion

Guest in Jest #4 Novus Lectio

Everyone Else Has the Best Titles

There isn’t much to say about me, I’m not an exceptional person, I’m an adult with the mind of a teen. I’m best in writing than talking. So I love to write and read. I traveled in many places around the world as a child, I suppose that the best countries I ever wanted to live are: UK, Ireland and maybe Switzerland. I don’t have a sense of belonging, I don’t feel that I’m able to say that I’m from such or such country, but if I have to, than I’d say that I’m more British or Irish (not that any of my parents are from there) than any other country I’ve seen. I started to blog when I’ve finished my first book The Theory Of Fate, I needed a place where I could have discussed it (which never happened by the way) then a year later when I’ve written…

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