Here we gooooooo!

Thought for a change

Where are you now?

I’m in germany at the moment. Yes I’m busy looking for clients.


Why don’t you post “Around a cup of tea” anymore ?

I miss the game dear, but I don’t have time anymore. Sorry.

What kind of books do you like to read?

Do you like tv? If so what shows?

I very seldom watch tv. If I do it is to watch an animated movie or Keeping up the appearances or Citizen Khan, or some Spacial documentary.
What’s your favourite food?

Lasagna & Couscous
Where are you right now?

I’m in Germany at the moment
Do you have any brothers or sisters?

Nope. Almost had one though.
Which is your favourite season?

Spring with all its sunshine, Flowers and good smells
What animal would you pick as a pet if you could have anything?

Definitely a cat.
Would you like to be famous?

Hmmmm tough question. I would say yes if i was famous on the Social Media, but I would say no if I was to be famous on the real life. I’m not the kind of person who wants to be noticed or seen. I prefer to be invisible.

Foreign threats are good for the human race

I’ve been in the social media since ~4 years now. I’ve learned many things, made many friends, had a few enemies, seen a few people changing thier way of life, heard many sorrows, laughed at lots of jokes, read many people’s issues…. At the end we’re all alike. We all share our troubles to those who want to hear them. Some say that it is borring to hear people’s stories, such as “why do they share their story on the social medias? They shouldn’t do that!”. But it’s the only way to know that we’re all humans, we all have our share of anxiety and stress which may lead to depression. Last night I’ve seen the movie Predator 4. To cut a long story short, it is about mutated aliens who intend to steal Earth from the humans. At some point, two groups of humans who were enemies since the beginning of the movie, decided to unite to kill that Predator. That made me realize how stupid we are! Wars are tearing us apart for some irrelevant reasons, revenge is ruining families around the globe, hatered is spreading as it was once in the 20th century… I know exactly what we need: We need a spacial invasion! Yes. It is the only way to feel enough threatened for us to unite. There won’t be any more ethnical, religious or political divisions. We’ll be one human race against a global threat.