Thank you guys, I won!


Finally I’m so excited to announce the winner of face of gracelifecollections that began last month.

I would first of all love to say a very big thank you to Dr. Beauty Vambe  and Catia for participating in this contest.

The winner is CATIA OFTEN CALLED NOVUS 2016Aug15201320

Congratulations Novus for topping in this competition it’s really great to have you participate in this.

Novus rights well on makeup teaching you on how to gain confidence in yourself.

Check out her blog here

You can also visit her OFFICIAL PAGE on the blog.

Please do leave a congratulatory message for her.

Don’t forget to follow the site for more information and ensure to participate in the next annual face of GLC.

Join me on INSTAGRAM as I become a boss of my own brand.

Stay tuned for the next post updates.

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Letters for Letters now for Sale

This book is about the mysterious letters found at the beginning of some Quranic Chapters.
As usual it took me a few years to find the solution, and I believe that now we have the way to decipher these detached letters, but not their meaning.
Isn’t it awkward to have the key but not the keyhole ? That’s exactly the issue why you won’t find the definitive answer but only how to solve it.
There is an important part of the puzzle missing; an ancient knowledge.

So in this book you’ll find all the ideas and research I did and their conclusion.

This book holds a priceless information, that’s why I’ll be selling this one in auction.

The starting price is 5£. The bidding has 1 weeks left

You may bid on the comments.

All Books can be purchased on this blog

Hey guys,

I’ve added a few pages.

You can find my current three books: The Theory of Fate, Who Went out Of Africa and Poems and Haikus for sale here.

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They say that cavan is rich in history (I haven’t noticed much), many building have survived for generations including the town hall and the cathedral from 1909.


St Mary abbey dates to 1300. A three storey bell tower , a section of the west wall and a graveyard remains today.

Once upon a time

Once upon a time a little girl was born. She was the child of a witch and a scientist. She spent her childhood learning all she could from her parents. When she became a teenager she had a wide knowledge in witchcraft and science. One fair night of August came for her the time to prove her qualities. She needed as every witch of her age, to spend six months away from her family to gather experience. She said her goodbyes, took her small travel bag and flew high with her broom. It was a starry night, the best of the whole month. She could see far and clear by the Moon’s light. She didn’t have any specific destination, she just needed to feel the right town for her to spend her training time. The wind was soft caressing her face and going through her long red hair. Her black robe flew behind her as the was speeding through the night. Her thoughts were confident, she knew that when she’ll slow down, that would be the right place for her. As the sun’s ray began to rise, she looked down and saw the faint lights of a town a few miles in front of her. She decided to slow down. She was so excited and hopeful for her new beginning. Asshe got closer, she could distinguish the houses, the roads, the parcs, the fields surrounding the town, the small farms… It was perfect, not too big, nor too small. Some windows were lit where someone was awake, most were dark as the people was still asleep. She made her way through town, looking at every street, every shop, and decided to stop at the market square. From there she could go anywhere and start her training.

—- —- —- —- —- —- —-
Who wants to continue?